This update includes some changes made to the Steam version of the game over the weekend.


  • You can no longer place blocks in spaces the other player is occupying in cooperative multiplayer.


  • THE END IS COMING: The longer you go without unlocking Character 3, the more likely he will be to appear.
  • The number of squirrels that must be tricked to unlock Character 4 has been reduced to 20 from 25.


  • Block matching improved to account for certain situations that were resulting in blocks not being matched correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where blocks could crash co-op games.
  • When activating an arcade machine with additional arcade machines on the field, the extra ones will be destroyed and grant 20+(2*combo) points.

Menu & UI

  • You can now move left/right in the level select menu with a controller.
  • NO PEEKING: Fixed an issue involving locked characters in multiplayer character select.
  • Added additional characters to the game's font.

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