BlockGame v1.0.4 Spooktacular!

New game mode: Spooktacular Mode!

Spooktacular mode can be selected by pressing Shift/RB in character select. This mode can be played solo, cooperatively, or competitively.

The bottom row of the playing area in Spooktacular Mode is covered in spikes, so you must use blocks to stay safe!

The following blocks are new to Spooktacular Mode:

  • Jack-O-Lantern: Begins to count down after touching the ground, exploding in a 3x3 area afterwards.
  • Ghost Block: Pushes you away if you get too close. Can only be destroyed by explosions.
  • Great Pumpkin: A 2x2 block that can crush blocks under it before beginning a 10 second countdown for a massive explosion.
  • Spider: Descends from a web and can pull blocks up and out of the arena. Drop a block on it to squish it.

Steam leaderboards for this mode will come in a later update.

Each character has also recieved a new Spooktacular costume, which can be obtained by getting 10,000 total points in the Spooktacular mode with that character. Surviving longer and unlocking costumes on other characters can give you bonuses towards your round totals. You can see your costume unlock progress in the character select menu when Spooktacular Mode is selected.

New level: Spooky!
You can unlock the new map by getting 20,000 total points in the Spooktacular Mode. This map will always be active in the Spooktacular Mode near Halloween.


  • Goat Blocks have recieved an updated sprite to make them more noticeable.


  • Fixed an issue where obtaining enough points to unlock an alternate costume would only unlock it for Macy.
  • Points needed to unlock chracters 5 and 6 have been reduced by 500.
  • Points needed to unlock alternate costumes have been reduced by 1000.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where resetting data would cause the game to crash upon unlocking a new character
  • Fixed an issue where Lamby would not be able to be selected after resetting data.
  • Returning to the main menu from solo character select will default to Play Game being selected instead of Play Multiplayer.

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